Gold Strike

767 Plays

Your mission is to destroy the squares of the same color with a click of the mouse and your character will throw a Toporas in their direction! The origin of game consoles appearance dates back to where they were found variants as well known snake or classic Tetris. The game falls into the category adventure games which involves adrenaline but also fun. This version is very similar to tetris game known as the computer version and in the console version of the little ones. The objective is to strike gold bars of the same color to remove them in groups of at least. Must but take care to move quickly as wall consisting of ingots are slowly and surely to you and you can crush. To earn more points you must aims to train formations as many bars so you can finish and faster level but much more can and accumulate points. As complexity is part of the game play simple yet appealing that do require attention in finding similar blocks for successful completion of levels organized in increasingly complex during the game.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the mouse and the keyboard to play "Gold Strike". Gold Strike it's playable on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone and other Apple and android system.
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